I am an austin Girl that loves paper. my story starts with the simple fact that I know the world through my hands, through things I make with my hands... things I paint or draw or sew... especially the things i make with paper. 

in 2000, I started a line of stationery called Letterspace because I wanted to show all the things that paper can do, that it's dynamic and meaningful and connects people to each other. 

through my years of making, I realized something deeper- that all the things I make tell a story. they tell my story. they tell the story of people I love, my hopes and struggles and my deepest belief that if we keep making things and stay connected to one another, we'll be okay.

i've made an assortment of handmade products to tell your stories. weave them with stories of your own- stories of the people you love, the people who give your life meaning, the people you want to give a little nudge or hug and encourage them to keep smiling. spread kindness and be the reason someone smiles today.