Have You Seen Our Reclaimed Wood?

These are some of the Beautiful pieces of wood pulled from all over our amazing city. These pieces of wood tell a story - stories of a building, a home, of lives that have been lived. They hold the hopes and dreams and the stories of the people who have lived within the walls this wood covered. our newest design collection uses wood to feature our illustrations. Each Wall plaque is a hand assembled and has a hook for hanging.

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Hello from Renegade Chicago!

We had a great time this year at Renegade on Division Street. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us and checked out all of the new fun things we’ve been making!!! Hope to see you again soon!!!!

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The Gift of Paper

A few years ago, I introduced by a dear friend to a small publisher in search of illustrators. The publisher and I talked for an hour about my background and my passion for all things paper related. I told him about studying fashion design and starting my own stationery line. I told him about my adventures designing and making paper creations for the White House Christmas. We talked about how I wasn’t always sure what I would grow up to do, but that I was always encouraged by my brother to follow my passion. We finished our call, agreeing that when a manuscript came his way that he thought would fit my style, he would send it over.

A few hours after that call, the publisher sent me a manuscript. One that he had written about a girl that loves paper. I was touched, overwhelmed, honored... and so excited to illustrate my very first children's book- one that is about me. 
I have been blessed with a family, husband and dear friends who always support me and never blink at whatever crazy thing I say I'm making next. Thank you ALL for all the words of encouragement and support. You make my paper-filled life a dream come true. 

Now available on amazon: the gift of paper

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